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Patent Certificate

Has been awarded the honorary titles

The company has successively obtainednational Intellectual Property Management SystemCertification. Quality Management SystemCertification, Contract-Abiding And TrustworthyEnterprise, Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate, cccChina Compulsory Product Certification, 37 NationalLED Utility Patents,and LED Display IndependentBroadcast Control Computer Software CopyrightRegistration Certificate, Cultural CommunicationSystem Computer Software Copyright RegistrationCertificate,In 2021, as the company’s own brand, “YunGuangYuan (Cloud Light Source)” listed in OnlineMall of Henan Provincial Government Procurement as amanufacturer.

Wehave successively obtained more than 40 nationalpatents and 9 software patents, providing moreopportunities for the development of indoor and outdooradvertising.